#craftbrewbread #spentgrainbakery #craftbeer
#craftbrewbread #spentgrainbakery #craftbeer

Craft Brew Bread LLC began as an idea from home brewing and home baking with friends and family enjoying early recipes.  Craft Brew Bread is preparing a line of spent grain pizza dough.  When people say pizza and beer go together, you better believe they never dreamed how well spent grains make it all come together.

Whole Wheat Flower and IPA Spent Grain Pizza

The whole wheat and the spent grain tastes shine through this version of "The Don". With red sauce,  two types of cheese, sweet peppers, sausage, mushrooms, onions and garlic.

We've been baking whole grain breads long before it became trendy. The growth of the RVA food scene coupled with the expansion of the local brewing industry in Richmond and across the entire state of  Virginia made it easy to set our course in making Craft Brew Bread.

Our uniquely flavored bread is made with spent grains  which are from beer making.  The bread ingredients include barley, wheat and rye  blended with the actual spent grains from the processes used in making your favorite beer. Watch for local restaurants, food trucks and brewery tasting rooms offering our freshly baked Craft Brew Bread.  Imagine a food pairing or your favorite sandwich with your favorite beer, and enjoying a consistent flavor profile throughout your meal.

A few words about CRAFT BREW BREAD

Small Batch Brewed IPA Spent Grain Pizza Dough 

Great rise, beautiful color and nice crumb can describe the whole wheat IPA Spent Grain Dough. Toppings for the "Crying Pig" bacon, sauce, garlic, two kinds of cheese and double onions.

The RVA brewing and food scenes continue to grow. Craft Brew Bread has teamed up in bringing the flavors of your favorite craft beer to custom whole and spent grain breads.

Stay tuned as we collaborate with local breweries in  Central VA . As Craft Brew Bread develops new strategic suppliers and marketing alliances with the local breweries you love most, we will continue to post news and build out our website while growing Craft Brew Bread.

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#spentgrainbakery #craftbrewbread #craftbeer
#craftbrewbread #pizza #specialorder
#craftbrewbread #specialorder #pizza

Unbleached Flour and IPA Spent Grain Pizza

The tangy favorite "Big Stink" was even more tasty with spent grain flavors that stood up to the toppings anchovies, blue cheese, onions, garlic, feta,  and cacio di roma cheese.

#craftbrewbread #pizza #specialorder